APT Detection – Closing the Gaping Hole (Infosecurity Magazine, March 24 2014)

New solutions to tackle advanced persistent threats (APTs) are continuously introduced, yet the detection gap remains alarmingly wide. The main reason for this is because common security solutions fail to detect the actual APT infection. Utilizing new and unconventional methods of detection – namely a secure hypervisor – can resolve that problem. >> Read more...

Protecting the IoT Against Targeted Attacks (New Electronics, May 27 2014)

As the Internet of Things vision of 15 Billion connected devices by 2015 gets closer to reality, major concerns emerge around quite how secure is the infrastructure that makes it all happen. High profile targeted attacks through connected devices (think Target breach through point of sale terminals) ... >> Read more..

Das Internet der Dinge gegen gezielte Angriffe schützen (ElektronikPraxis Sep 13 2014)

Wie lassen sich Angriffe in der Embedded-Welt rechtzeitig erkennen und abwenden? Unkonventionelle Erkennungsmethoden und speziell ein sicherer Embedded-Hypervisor lösen das Problem. >> Read more..

Neue Wege für die APT-Abwehr: Die Klaffende Lücke Schützen (IT-SICHERHEIT, April 2 2014)

Hypervisor -Software befriedigt Schutzbedürfnis (Markt&Technik #29 July 18 2014)